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No other amateur series can boast of so much variety. with their ever so humble attitude offer for your pleasure and enjoyment, "More Dirty Debutantes 5"! Lots of real life couples; Covergirl Pooky with her husband' Pearl does her boyfriend in front of you and Cassandra Dark and her husband do their first "Booty Packer." Fun! To give you more variety and loads of adult entertainment, so for two hours and twenty minutes, get ready and let the Nasty Bros. Then, Tabatha Cash returns and Big Jake Steed enters from the rear in riveting backdoor scene that leads to Lydia Chanel that leads to Ed that leads to Ed and Jake in a D. Taj Mahal returns to mix in with Chelsea's delights as well. Looks like a job for bonita, the honary Nasty Sister! Ian an Michaela, experience a first time at the same time Zasu Knight and Jake rev it up! Felecia is the proud star who loves women and leads the charmed life in the adult biz, having her way with the most gorgeous ladies of the world. Sam and Sussi show us that love- passion- and a little exhibitionism makes for a natural flow of orgasmic action. Love- Your Nasty Bro.- Ed Powers Violet returns to introduce Dick Andrews and Sadie, it's threeway time folks! Lovely Niki Moore reveals her shy side and explodes her sexuality for us!

Introduce you to the sex, steamy talents of those daring to share themselves in front of the video camera for the first time. Ed gets behind her to help her reach of orgasmic goal. Montana will also shortly hit the biz with a whambang! Then, Tim and Nicole share with us what is normally their own private sex-life. More Dirty Debutantes #30 documents first-time situations in the sex-lives of real people. Kiana and she go further and another step deeper as Felecia straps one on and in! Then Airin gets to have Mia while his wife happily watches! Terri Starr breaks the Dirty Debutante barrier with Jake Steed. Our cover girl- Taylor Cherri- says she's a virgin- so the moment became exciting and anticipated. The adventures of Taylor continue with her first time experience with Jake Steed and her first step in experiencing backdoor sex with Ed. Azteca returns with more hot new footage with her sexy Latin self. Love, Ed Powers, Your Nasty Bro Brandy first appeared in DD140 and she wasn't ready for anal- now she's ready and hotter than ever! Lovely Asianna experiences something new- seeing is believing! I felt really energetic to take on two girls at once!

You'll see the first time on camera scenes of Jenna Wells- Mimi Myagi- Alycia Rio- and Naomi Wang. Nobody appears in a Debutantes DVD without full understanding that they can do anything they want or as little! She has gone on to make a few other DVD's, but here, her DVD ground-breaking is truly achieved . no encouragement from the director, or a fake Ed Powers-style rip-off. Handsome Rocco Sifreddi has long requested to work with Ed. The #1 fans deserve the best efforts and the best foot marching forward, like this series! Check out the pictures on this DVD - every face is a soul and every person is different. More Dirty Debutantes is less editing but still more variety. Maybe it means things are getting better all the time. As promised in MDD #100, here is Kami Boh's return with Jake Steed and myself. Gauge and Mojo are the couple of the year in my book.

Casandra Dark returns and does two guys for the first time ever. This is not just and ordinary DVD its an invitation that's exclusive, a privilege to witness special moment in real people's lives. Now, Rocco meets lovely Bonita in a sizzling hard-driving backpacking extravaganza! Ed has filled all he can into 2 hours and 20 minutes of action. The Blonde Ambitions, for 25 minutes of unseen action footage from MDD #21, the stuff Ed won't get lost. With no scripts and no greedy rip-offs, More Dirty Debutantes is for real. Look around you as the face of Adult Biz is changing. These uncommonly beautiful gals right off the bus have a propensity to get into it with Ed. a few years later lovely Tatiana decides to cum back, but I realized I never released the first one, so here's another then and now. It's couples time, not their first DVD but at least it is the first time she reached out and touched another man, especially while getting ... Exquisite Shanna Edwards and her man Joey heat it up! It was a spontaneous decision on Kami's part to go further with Jake and what a hot scene it is! A lost episode back in the day of the internal cum shot with Shiandra Cesno is found and presented to you in this volume. Lovely Floridian Billi's first time is no exception to the lineage of Dirty Debutantes, eager to learn, eager to experience and eager to please! exotic; her intense expressions can not hide the pleasure nor conceal the experience she is feeling as she makes Dirty Debutantes debut. You have a tape in your hands, so what are you waiting for? Check out other volumes from this exciting gonzo ... Gia Regancy claims she's never been penetrated by a penis.

I had her come back for another session; she's very hot! Love Ed Powers More Dirty Debutantes "2000" Volume 113 is here! Angel Angelino is a little wild and yet adorable and perky.

Randy and Ed are styling with the adorable Diana Deville and you'll ... A lovely couple, John and Tina pump it hard as his member drives deep into her rear orifice? Ed puts together the most variety of Debutantes that he could find. Lovely Lexy and I had a great time in this one and she's a perfect debutante. You'll see why I subtitled this one "Backdoor Debutantes". Sandra Sheen drops in to masturbate while watching a new Deb, Poison, and Jake go for it! Shay and Katie return to explore Alexia's desire to be with women. Brandi returns with a friend who's been desiring to explore her a little closer! Jake and I parlez vous with Fovea, a French model, making her U. These four lovely debutantes- Alize- Zina- Ruby and Blair- share some intimate moments with you. Ed Powers has a new discovery in the persona of Blake Powers! I never denied how lucky I am- especially being so ordinary and average looking. Lovely Lidia enjoys her first time with another man other than her old man. Feeling comfortable yet nervous- like anyone would feel in a new situation- they experience having sex in front of the camera for the very first time. In Dirty Debutantes #99, lovely Kayle didn't go very far, but in this one, #100, lucky me - Ed Powers - goes where no man on camera has gone before! She will definitely stand out in the long line of Debutante lineage. She asked me if she would make a good Dirty Debutante. This video demonstrates that there are women who genuinely love sex and want to be Adult Film Stars.

More Dirty Debutantes 9 is all Real, all Outrageous and all Fun! On this DVD I've got women participating in the entire spectrum of sexuality! Ed goes the back way in a first time rear delivery for Abby, Rosie, and Xenia. Can't avoid two main words here: Desire and exploration. After pleasing each other thoroughly, Jake comes in for some really scorching three-way sex! We hope you enjoy our latest adventures in More Dirty Debutantes #84--Love- The Bros. I think I add to the saying- "Looks aren't everything! "I personally consider each one of these Dirty Debutanes a classic! Kayla could easily be a superstar in the adult biz if she chose to be - she's sexy and a lot of fun, as you'll soon see! Ed Powers In this exciting episode there's hot Latin girl-girl action and threeway with Melina- Azteca and Ed Powers.

Her lovely body and sensuous attitude turned Ed's crank to a big squirting finish.

Lovely Meesha explodes onto the adult scene and here you can witness her first appearance, long before she ever picked up a script. It's a classic tour de force in the true spontaneous style of DIRTY DEBUTANTES where you never know what will happen! Six scenes and five backdoor deliveries in an action-packed volume. Lovely Lydian Channel bursts into teh adult biz through Ed. This is another variety filled 2 hrs and 18 min, that was put together for your enjoyment. Love, Ed Ed has been working hard, forward and backward. Lovely Aaron explores her first time on camera with me and another new debutante- Jesse Gunn. Russian debutante Bamby is very shy and demure- a perfect deb- and with a little help from a translator the situation quickly becomes the "Global Warming Debutante" on our soil. You'll also meet Kary- a dancer who is eager to please. in this volume 95 you'll meet those wiling just to model their body, give a little head, experience a little Ed and an extraordinary girl making love with her special man ... Many letters have been received requesting older and sexy women. This volume goes away from the stereotype Debutante and proves that realism is still the best, why mess with reality? Every now and then I make a Debutante volume that- when I finish making it- I just can't wait to edit it as quickly as possible so I can see it in it's entirety and share it with you. MDD 98 will share with you these extraordinary ladies: Vivian Valentine- Violet Love- Tami Kahn- and Chantay- all very- very yummy! Digging in my closet I found a first time lost episode with Osama. Trust me, this is enough action to fill up the DVD. I can't imagine you want to read something written long winded when in the videos I am long winded enough ... Fresh faces and experiences line this golden moment video with Gabby, Jay, Jessie and Shuki. These girls are different from each other in every way.


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