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Fast forward a year later, and the MC's buzz earned him a spot on tour with rapper Isaiah Rashad for his Lil Sunny tour in the U. Jay's aggressive yet conscious style of rapping has put him on the map as a lyricist to watch coming out of the DMV. And even before that, I was getting my project together and taking beats that sounded like it could be on Adult Swim. We've recorded about 40 songs so far to date, and I'm doing two to three [songs] a day.

recently spoke to Jay on his Adult Swim partnership, working with Mike Dean, and what he hopes listeners take away from his music. Actually, I had the Adult Swim logo as my screensaver. I'm looking for records to help tell the story I want to tell then I'll start planning out days.

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Jay IDK emerged on the scene with his 2015 debut album , released last September independently via his own HXLY label. ] where it's important to understand the story, and I just thought it would be great to paint a picture visually and then have a TV component. There's something to it that no other channel has. I was like ' Yo, I really like Adult Swim'. So when the idea came about, I was making my album sounding like Adult Swim, not thinking about him or thinking about trying to hit him up. But I remember he said if you ever want to drop a visual with us, let me know so I always kept that in the back of my mind. When you say sound like Adult Swim, what is that sound? I'm going to work with their creative team to come up with certain visuals to paint the picture we're trying to paint for the album. Where are you in the process of recording the album?It's a representation of my name, Ignorantly delivering knowledge.


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