Adult webcam sites hacking


User data from its property, "one of the largest providers of live model webcams in the world," was also included in the hack.

Unsurprisingly, the passwords revealed in the latest data haul are terrible. "123456," "12345" and "123456789." You have to go through the list to number 13 until you find the slightly more original but still spectacularly useless "pussy." Leaked Source also selected some of the longest real passwords it managed to find.


The news comes via Leaked Source, a site that monitors data breaches, which has obtained a copy of the stolen user accounts.

This isn't even the first time Adult Friend Finder has been hacked.

Back in May 2015, news broke that it was breached, albeit on a smaller scale — 3.9 million user accounts were circulating online.

The sex and dating site Adult Friend Finder has been hacked for the second time (that we know of), according to the breach notification website Leaked Source, and the world's truly lousy password habits have again been exposed in the process.

The breach reportedly occurred in October, with more than 400 million accounts from over two decades now leaked.

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