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The investor(s) on successful enrolment in this feature will display the Medical Advantage Card at the empanelled network hospitals and fill the Medical Redemption Form. The individual investor(s) can invest in the designated scheme of the Fund in ‘Single’ or ‘Either or Survivor’ mode.Multiple holders can enjoy the benefits of this feature with the ‘Either or Survivor’ option.As a special feature, we facilitate you to invest in multiple eligible designated schemes of ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund through ‘Power of Three’ investment option (currently available in physical form only; it will soon be facilitated on our website and IPRUTOUCH App). 5,000 in ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund in case of a fresh purchase.Through this option, you can invest in following three schemes with one single cheque – Minimum investment amount for this investment option is Rs. If the investments are made in the ‘either or survivor’ mode, any holder available can sign the Medical Advantage Feature Redemption (MAF) Form available at the hospital.You can also email us your enquiry to [email protected] with CAD files or images of your product/component.

The investor can avail this facility through any of Vidal Health’s pan-India network of over 5,000 hospitals and 1,000 diagnostic centers.A possibility arises that the investor signature on the MAF redemption form will be absent in due to medical reasons.In such cases, the hospital will validate if the investor(s) to be admitted is/are unable to sign the Medical Redemption Form.Also if multiple holders invest in a single folio, all the joint holders in the folio will be issued a Medical Advantage Card.

It is also recommended that the investor should always carry the Medical Advantage Card (soft copy or a print copy) with them to realize the full potential of this feature – especially in case of unplanned health emergencies. 1 Lac through Power of Three investment option, Rs.For information on Vidal Health and its empanelled network, please visit


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