Ajax reorderlist not updating

I was using either firebug's net inspector or chrome's inspector to peer into the requests. I'm actually know to keep one of those up in a monitor while doing QA, amazing how many bugs you can find by looking for what you can't see.Especially the sort of things that kill you in production -- exceptions are expensive things.I tried the 'Submit' solution in my initial design and it was met with lots of angry users who assumed everything was saved asynchronously.I think reducing the View State (if that is indeed the problem) may be my only option at this point.Other UI hacks to consider would be to use one of those modal updating overlays to lock the UI until the update is complete.


In a sense this is good because if you miss one request, the next request is going to start throwing off the sequence order.

Would there be some sort of way to lock the reorder method so that any subsequent requests are ignored until the current request has completed? NET ajax is faking things here -- basically your page's viewstate looks like it is out of wack to the server so subsequent requests fail on an infrastructure level before your re-ordering code can kick in. The best solution would be to find something purely javascript and use that with a submit changes button.



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