Android twitter widget not updating sergei fedorov dating anna kournikova


If you have an LG G4 and experience problems with widgets not updating after the recent update to Android version 6 (Marshmallow), please follow the steps below to wipe the cache and correct the problem.

This also comes at a time when they formally released the Night Mode theme to the masses after being under test in the beta version for a month.

One of the biggest advantages of Android over i Phone is widgets. Widgets are valuable because they give you an at-a-glance look at lots of different kinds of information and quick access to valuable apps and configuration settings.

I carry both an Android phone (for work) and an i Phone (my private phone), but there are some things where I always reach to whip out the Android phone because I can access the information more quickly via a widget.

Widgets have a visual punch since they display specific information right on your homescreen pane.

Twitter for Android has had widget support for a while now where you could do a bunch of things like scroll through your timeline and getting a flurry of updates at a glance without launching the app.

I first published this list of my favorite widgets in August 2010.


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