Aunty chat messages

One of the guys undid her wrist fastenings as she now sat, shaking, facing them. “Sit still, we’ll be back in a minute.” The older guy grunted, then the two men left the room.

A couple of minutes went by, while Andrea regained some composure.

I checked my account to see that the message was from the person that I had replied to. We may be interested in your wife but need more details. I felt very uneasy for the rest of the day and at about half past two I told my secretary that I felt unwell and was going home. I rang my secretary and told her that I would not be in for the rest of the week, as I still felt unwell, which was actually the truth. “Yes to both questions,” she cocked her left eye at me, “Why? I slowly drove my car along the pot-holed road until I came to a cabin next to a metal gate. Standing in the far corner were 3 well-dressed Japanese businessmen nervously looking at me. You can watch from there, the old man said pointing to the opposite wall.

The next message they sent had an attachment with the following message. Her clothes were being ripped off, and her knickers had been pulled to one side exposing a very hairy bush. Seconds later another message arrived that shook me to the core. Don’t keep me waiting he demanded and the phone went dead. He turned to me menacingly, I followed you from home. Look pal, that’s not how it is.” He glared at me, “You offered her to us ? You can watch if you want to, with, or without her knowing you’re there.

Once I got home I looked through the documents for Andrea’s car and finally found the alarm code. Each about an inch round, I tentatively looked through a peephole into a stark room. What had started out as a wank fantasy was now turning into reality and my wife was going to be gang-banged in front of an audience. ” A small fat Jewish looking man called out, as his taller friend immediately poured them two coffees from the flask.

I sent all of the information along with her movements for the following week by e-mail immediately. All I could see was an old sofa a dirty mattress and a strip light. I felt nauseous as I took a swig of the beer that I had just been handed. Looking at his watch the old man replied, “No, they’ll be here in a minute, so you’d better get into your positions.” George ushered us to the peepholes, before telling us with a chuckle, “There’s plenty of Kleenex on the table, so make sure you use them.

Send details.’ “It’ll be a turn on for him to consider banging my wife.” I sent the e-mail never thinking that they were serious or even lived in the UK anyhow. My cock was stiffening as I found a picture of her from a wedding we attended earlier in the year. Loves oral (giving and receiving), prefers ‘doggy style’, enjoys wearing sexy lingerie. I didn’t recognise it so waited until I got to work to call. So you thought e-mail would keep you anonymous did you? I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean, I replied puzzled. Good, e-mail her car details tonight and I’ll be in touch, he told me as he ushered me away. ” My wife was getting dressed, a silky black thong, black see ? It took nearly two hours to find the address that I had been given.

After about 10 minutes of surfing even darker porn sites, a message ‘pinged’ on screen. Andrea, 27, slim, no kids, 5 foot 6 inches, brown hair and blue eyes and I think she is attractive. She was wearing a hat and a light coloured dress that emphasised her curves. Not very vocal but is very orgasmic.” I exaggerated about the oral sex, but it was only a bit of fun. About five minutes later I had the following reply? I walked away from his car looking very nervous but I knew I had to get him the information otherwise I would end up with a good kicking and they would probably rape Andrea anyway. Before I left the house at 7.45, I joined Andrea in our bedroom. thru bra, natural tights, a black and white flowing summer dress and a pair of black high-heeled shoes, she seemed confused at my questioning. It was a scrapyard in a run down part of Southeast London. “You’re keen,” he cackled through broken discoloured teeth, “park behind there and follow me.” As I drove behind the cabin two huge German Shepherd dogs began barking and straining at their leashes. The old man led me passed the dogs to the side door of a large pre-fabricated hanger. There was a flask of coffee, plastic cups and a case of cheap beer on top.

” He nudged his friend, who was standing next to me, “The big black lad is Joel. The Asian man pulled her dress up, exposing her torn tights and tiny thong. Lenny grabbed her dress too and between them they pulled it over her head and off.

As usual I was surfing the net I have seen a small advt. A black man was kneeling between her thighs fucking her as she sucked another man at the other end. I masturbated while I looked at the picture imagining it was Andrea. Send your mobile telephone number so we can make this happen. ” I thought, “These people are serious.” Until that moment I had thought it was just a bit of fun ? I signed out of my e-mail and turned the computer off. I got up from my chair and told my secretary that I was just nipping out for a couple of minutes. When you joined my site you gave me your real address ? Now don’t piss me off unless you want to be found at the bottom of the canal. Shaking, I realised that this man was very serious and if I did not co-operate fully with him he would carry out his threat. Its going to happen anyway, so I don’t give a shit if you want to be there or not anymore.


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