Australian sex webcam

By 2014, INTERPOL had identified more than 1 million images of child sexual abuse.


This year alone the AFP's Child Exploitation Assessment Centre has experienced a tsunami of reports of child exploitation.

A 2015 Net Clean Report stated that 'violence against children recorded in images and videos has become more severe in the last three years', and that by the day, victims are getting younger, and younger.

Unfortunately many of my colleagues working across the AFP child protection space have seen this for ourselves, and we sadly agree with the observations made by Net Clean...

Demand for live streaming of child sex abuse is a growing problem in the Mekong region, the United Nations said in August, as it pointed to a shift in child sex webcam centers from the Philippines to Thailand. Online child abuse was constantly evolving, said Neil Walsh, who heads the global cybercrime program of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.


“If we say we are keeping it at bay we are probably not being honest with ourselves,” he told Reuters.Each one of these reports can contain hundreds and thousands of images and videos of children being sexually abused and tortured.


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