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He also has a rather complicated relationship with his family, who didn’t react well to finding out he was gay, or that he was HIV .While they have been improved over the years, there are still lots of issues to deal with.Click here to watch the trailer for Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?

The film also suggests though that Saar has a bit of culpability for not standing up for himself more, perhaps stemming from the guilt he feels both over his diagnosis and for not being the son his rather didactic father wanted.

It does do a good job though of showing that for all of them, it’s a process.

Saar’s mother talks about her changing thoughts and attitudes, and how she still struggles with her son’s HIV status.

Indeed, he seems to treat his child’s thoughts and feeling as not being serious, purely because they don’t fit with his worldview.

However, the documentary shows that he too is on a journey and may be beginning to realise how his words and attitudes have affected his son.

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