Bulgaria sex karilari

” Bulgaria, in contrast to countries like Germany, has no rules regulating sex work: it is neither legalized, nor criminalized, although pimping, trafficking and forced prostitution are criminalized. In some Western countries, the police protect them, here institutions don’t care,” Rayna explains.


It’s rare for them to accept a journalist into their home, which is usually temporary accommodation.Bulgaria is an EU-member state, so there is no need to obtain special documents.The two women claim the business in Western Europe is dominated by “various Eastern Europeans.” About a week after our first meeting, before sitting in a café, we go to see their new place from the outside. A little girl is very happy to see Magda and hugs her legs. A neighbor standing nearby is staring at the group that is chatting cheerfully.I’ll soon put an end to this and I will no longer do it!

” Asked when this will happen, she smiles somewhat guilty: “Soon!Prostitution in Bulgaria is neither fully criminalised nor decriminalised.



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