Cam to cam no membership

While Tabasco slept innocently on the couch, Nest Cam caught you pooping by her bed. Set-up took a little time, but was made easier thanks to smart use of bar codes on the back of each camera, in conjunction with the Nest App. For most home users, the cameras are useless without a cloud storage subscription.So I purchased a 3-pack of licenses to go with the three cameras.As you can see in my original review of the product, I was not happy with using the camera as a baby monitor.The previous version didn't make it conducive to having it in a baby's room due to limited notifications. Now, the camera will give us alerts whenever our child moves around. I'd also mention that I really appreciate that Nest took the time to update a previous gen product.


Remotely viewing the camera (which technically is the only way) works okay as well. If you are looking for this as your baby monitor I suggest you keep looking, until they update the app to be a better baby monitor. I've had three Dropcams already, none of which had anything like the issues that I've had with the new Nest Cam.Up to this point I've loved Nest's smoke alarm product. But I'd warn people away from the nest security cams until Nest have fixed the bugs and improved the level of their support, which is close to non-existant. Without a subscription, you can only watch the video live. Nest will not allow you to use third party cloud storage providers so you're locked into using their facility, which is priced much higher than regular cloud storage.


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