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The authors claim that fractures that were missed by CR did not need surgical treatment; however, they do not provide any details on functional outcome in the patients with missed fractures on CR.Furthermore, herniation of orbital content cannot be appreciated accurately on CR.They are therefore not recommended by the major societies [7], [8].


However, there is also an increasing number of publications on the use of DVT in imaging facial fractures [19].

Traumatic lesions usually present with unique clinical features, and high-resolution imaging is needed to precisely describe their anatomical location and extent [1], [2].

On the other hand, clinical signs of tumors of the midface are often unspecific [3], [4].

However, in the acute trauma setting, DVT is rarely used because positioning of the patient in the DVT system is not possible and CT continues to be the preferred imaging modality [17], [21].


In a prospective collective of 65 patients, Bremke et al.

Unlike CT, the volume of interest (VOI) has to be defined in DVT prior to image acquisition.


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