Cammand line for updating time


Microsoft is planning to release a tool soon that will allow Windows 10 testers to apply the new color scheme and a selection of alternatives.

Developers, you can thank Microsoft summer intern Craig Loewen for the overhaul.

I don't know which server works the best (NIST has several of them).

But you can easily find that out because the address for one of them comes as an optional preset in Windows since at least Windows XP.

There are basically two ways you can automatically adjust the system time in Windows 10.



That's the only two things that can possibly force the clock to sync incorrectly.

I will keep an eye on it and if it runs further this well, my problem will be solved. Use the traditional dialog box for time settings and you should be fine, or use the command line. First of all, this is more than a decade old Windows problem! Windows has had problems syncing the system time against NTP servers for as long as I can remember. It has never worked for me personally, and it never has worked for many people out there on the WWW who post similar questions to the one you just posted here.

Also, you don't want to use Microsoft's NTP server, because it never works. If you must use the Internet to get an accurate system time, then use one of the American NIST's NTP servers. However, using NIST's NTP server has always worked for me, and it has worked for other people too, as evidenced by the many positive results if you read the decade old web forum discussions.

And whats really strange is, that the clock sometimes even runs backwards!

Can it be that there is a problem with my mainboard or something like that?

Windows Console's legacy blue is getting a subtle change to make it more legible on modern high-contrast displays, alongside color changes to the entire scheme.


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