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Utilize Cvent's event management software to keep track of event attendees' feedback and participation history in order to increase registration rates and improve ROI for future events.Attrition Rate The rate at which an event decreases in size or the number of attendees who do not show up on the day of the event (no-shows) divided by the number of attendees registered for an event (registrants).Breakout Rooms Small meeting rooms used for specialized sessions that are party of a larger meeting, conference or event.


Cvent's web survey tool allows users to set up a personalized experience using advanced survey logic to maximize the data collected and enabling precise reporting and more detailed feedback.

Branch Logic A feature of online survey Software that allows the surveyor to target specific questions to respondents based upon a previous answer.

Branch Logic enables sending a survey respondent down a certain path, or branch, based on their previous answer to a survey question.

Planners who are in charge of coordinating food and beverage and accommodations for multi-day conferences and events often search for venues offering an American Plan to cut back on costs.

Apex The abbreviation for Accepted Practices Exchange.Cvent has numerous technology partners including Passkey, Open Travel, Get There and Apex.


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