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If you do not want to use medicated creams on your child’s scalp (do not use shampoos under two years old) you can completely rid lice by hand using a fine-tooth comb.

By wetting the child’s wet and conditioned hair (temporarily immobilises the lice), you can comb out all lice and eggs.

If one or more child in your house is infected you should wash all linen, vacuum carpets and upholstered furniture ( throw away hoover bag) to prevent lice coming back. Best way to get rid is conditioner and fine tooth comb..

Make sure you run the fine tooth comb as close to the scalp as possible... Then again every 4 days until you see no little black eggs in the comb... Make sure you change pillowcase everytime you do treatment and wash scarves and hats...

Head lice lay eggs in the scalp and feed on the blood! They pass from human to human by crawling onto the head of another person.


It is uncommon for lice to be transmitted through contact with personal items or fabric items used by a person infested with head lice.

Head lice are a tiny wingless parasite that only affect humans.


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