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Daily Candy A to Z is a fun and quirky book with very cute illlustrations.The tips are somewhat helpful, but not at all practical.Rather, it is a book that deals with leading an interesting life, with some rather deep and meaningful ideas hiding among the humour and candy-floss lightness.A fun read that provided some inspiration, you could do a lot worse than spend an afternoon with a copy of this book.It was a fun read but it's not something I would apply to my daily life religiously.Some tips are must knows but it is probably important to point them out.Also, the idea of candy as thoughts or life lessons is fun. This is very LITE chic lit: funny, informative, social commentary (focused on girl stuff) in an A - Z format. Had some cute ideas for alternative book clubs, such as a Read-to-Me club and a magazine club.


)F- Fundamentals Bad drivers deserve to be shot (maybe that's going too far, but I might flip them off)G- Girls& Guys Girls Guys Scarlet Red Magenta Red Rose Red Ruby Red H- Home When short of spackle, fill nail holes with colgate I- Intimacy If guy gives you carnations, DUMP his sorry ass J-Jet setting No tracksuits ever (would look hideous in pictures)K- Kin Let it go if your sister kills your goldfish. )Q- Quandaries "You've got questions, Dailycandy's got answers"R- Ritual' "Sometimes everyday behavior just needs a simple tweak to turn it into a beautiful ritual."S- Score "Joy comes in many forms."T- Taking moment "CRASH A PARTY." (lets enjoy that free food!

It's a quick and witty read for fun and sassy gals!



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