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The system collects this information and periodically searches for matches, i.e., for mutual attractions or interests that have been entered into the system.

No notification occurs unless the system determines that a match in attraction or interests exists.

The present invention also provides an automatic way of notifying people of shared attraction or interests.

The system maintains the anonymity of the participants because no notification occurs unless the system determines that a match in feelings or interests exists, Thus, in the example, A will not be embarrassed by having to publicly admit unrequited love or attraction for B.

Two people are introduced only if both agree with the idea.

Unfortunately, in such situations, neither person has actually met the other when they are finally introduced.

Various systems exist that help people meet each other.

For example, computer dating services allow people to view video tapes or pictures of prospective partners or to choose common areas of hobbies.


The method of claim 1, wherein the step of receiving input from a first user indicating a user ID of a person includes receiving input from the first user by way of software executing on another data processing system in a network.14.Online Dating : Quack Quack is a Fully secured Online Dating Site for singles looking forward to have a perfect matchmaking relationship.Free Dating Sites Up to date discount codes and special deals to make the best online dating sites inexpensive or even free.Neither person has ever met the other, and there is a certain amount of shyness and fear of rejection when they first meet in such a situation.


In addition, both persons must initially approach the dating service.I am looking for link exchange with dating/relationship site.


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