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It was the necessary experiences for me to still be here today.When people look back on the past it does have some connection to happiness and joy.He’s given fans a taste of what his album has in store with the single “Distance” that has sparked the #Distance Challenge across social media.It will be 20 years in 2020 since he’s been in the game and he is ready for fans to recognize his growth not only as an artist, but as a man.It’s my gift to the world and connection to people I’ve never met before.The power to inspire is an important job and if you really love it you will get love back.

Like father, like son, at just 3-years-old, Megaa has moves like his father as he dances in front of a mirror to Drake’s “One Dance.”Eating wings and fries, the singer opened up about life, music, fatherhood, and love. It was a panel with great panelists about entertainment, lending our experience and expertise about the industry and challenges within the music industry. I’m a visual artist, but a lot of people know me from different things.

People have been asking this, will there be a B2K reunion tour or performance in the future? R&B is a lot more hip hop now because there’s a lot more rappers that sing melody.


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