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The moving bands of Sabaeans and Chaldeans (Job , 17) matches the early second millennium B. Their basic motive in attempting to elicit from Job a confession of sin was to establish their own sense of security. Solomon’s age was a peaceful one and thus particularly interested in wisdom’s approach to the deepest, practical problems of life (e.g., Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Proverbs) c. While the above arguments are plausible, they are not determinative; as Archer writes, “most of the ... In the Talmud: Ruth, Psalms, Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Lamentations 2. The foreign locale would also account for the comparative rarity of the name Yahweh in most chapters of the book. A Survey of Old Testament Introduction, 465), but Taylor writes, Daniel alone is unknown from the Bible. We must suppose either that this early Semitic literature was known to later Hebrew generations or, more likely, that ancient Hebrew traditions which have not survived incorporated material centered around a character of the same name and similar character to the Ugaritic Dan'el (John B. Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries [Downers Grove: Inter Varsity Press, 1969], 129). A high view of biblical inspiration requires one to take into consideration the literary genre of a book in order to understand how it ought to be interpreted (A Survey of the Old Testament, 263-64). Although the book unquestionably contains discussion and information that would be invaluable to the exiles (especially the idea that God's wisdom is the basis on which his justice may be vindicated), the scenario in Job seems too unlike Israel of the sixth century to invite too close a correlation. See also La Sor, Hubbard, and Bush, Old Testament Survey, 562, 572-82.Failing to secure from him any such confession despite all their diligent efforts to compel from him an admission of guilt, they felt unable to return home relieved and reassured that calamity would be kept from their door if they only lived a good life (Gleason L. Childs, Introduction to the Old Testament as Scripture, 536).Later he writes, Job argues from his personal conviction of his innocence which refused to be coerced by deductions from an application of traditional wisdom.Rice was suspended only two games at the time, even after TMZ released video of him dragging his unconscious former fiancee and current wife out of an elevator.Goodell would later admit that he 'didn't get it right' and after a second video emerged depicting Rice striking Palmer inside the elevator, the Ravens released the running back and he was suspended indefinitely. -18 & Job 3:3; the land of Uz is only mentioned outside of Job in Jeremiah and Lamentations ) c.


Conclusion: Although it is not possible to be certain, a patriarchal date is reasonable and perhaps best explains the material as we have it A. The similarity of Job with the Mesopotamian pieces with the use of dialogue (Job 4--27), soliloquy (Job 3), discourse (Job 29--41), narrative (Job 1--2), and poetic skill may argue against Job being a stage play even though it may have been used in this way later on in history A. He notes that while another possible etymology for the name could be assailed one or one who is the object of enmity, the Arabic etymology matches better since the whole setting of the story is Arabic rather than Hebrew (Ibid.). Archer writes, But if the scene was laid in North Arabia near Edom, a clan type of society may well have persisted there as late as the time of the Hebrew monarchy.

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