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There's so many ideas and bits of advice that I'll be referring to this book a lot in the future.This book was not only informative, it was laugh-out-loud funny.But this book is great in that it makes you look cool while you're trying to ask someone on a date or when you're on a date. If there were half ratings, I'd give this book four and a half stars. There was a lot of good advice, plus little extras that I really liked, like romantic dinner menus, suggestions for clothes, quick confidence boosters and even sample conversation starters.I recommend this book for anyone who's looking to meet new people.Dating a magical person has its perks (bowls of ice-cream can now magicall re-fill themselves, people) but it also has its foibles.After all, if you find yourselves in a lovers’ tiff and your date has a spectacularly short fuse, you may wake up as a victim of an ear-shrivelling curse. ’ ‘What if their coffee table is bewitched and starts tap-dancing and totally ruins the moment? Yes, you best start asking the bigger questions if you’re taking your relationship with a wizard to the next level. For example, you’ll soon learn not to casually peruse their bookshelves in case you open the book that won’t stop screaming. Expect gaping jaws when your sweetheart visits your pad for the first time.All couples have their differences, but Muggles and wizards have different governments, sports, activities and even music. Getting to grips with all of this may take some time, but it’s always important to embrace the cultures of your loved one, even if those cultures involve learning the rules of some sort of abstract version of netball played on broomsticks.It may all be fun and games and Chocolate Frogs in the beginning, but inter-magical relationships are often fraught with prejudice and judgement.

Now, what kind of messages are those supposed to send out?

Best to establish some boundaries before you get serious. It’s always an educational experience visiting your new squeeze’s home for the first time. After all, things like televisions and radiators and cheese graters will likely completely perplex a wizard who hasn’t been paying attention to Muggle Studies, and it might be a good idea to start labelling things.



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