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This video by Sam Spreckley is called ' Surface ii' and is a combination of 8mm film being destroyed and some awesome sound effects.

The perfect collaboration of vague sounds with surreal images makes this video a great piece of art.

Which would be interesting, seeing as, when interpreted literally, the Bible also claims that the universe was created between 6000-8000 years ago. EDIT: Not to mention the mental gymnastics required to reconcile the (presumably) carbon dating of the earliest Mesopotamian settlements to 8000 years ago and the fact that that same dating methods go on to describe artifacts and fossils that are up to 40 000 years old.

As I recall, Asimov hypothesized that the age of creation used in the Bible is actually linked to the point at which we (or rather Near Eastern peoples) began recording history in the form of writing.

During November last year, the Swedish Court of Appeal found three people behind The Pirate Bay guilty of criminal copyright infringement offenses.

Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde and Carl Lundström were handed prison sentences and ordered to pay millions of dollars in damages.

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