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There's great value for companies to use automation technologies in analytics, taking advantage of the vast data sets now available.

Making machine learning models more precise isn't just about technology; but a reimagination of business structure and the roles of tech and people.

Luckily, there are plenty of video surveillance options available, even if you’re on a budget or if you can’t mount high-tech cameras in your rented apartment.

For example, you can set up a webcam to do your monitoring for you via Cloudcam.

For even more possibilities like gallery-hosting, hardware motion detection and housing have a look at ...

For this use case an email notification can be sent containing a link for her to view on her phone or pc at work.

Should run on Android 1.5 up (what causes the camera options to be very few and landscape mode only).

There you have to place the two files (and index.html) attached to this post.

Since version 1.3 you can also sent the pictures to an email account or simply store them on sdcard. This also can be combined with my Web Live Wallpaper App easily and your webcam is then visible on your homescreen background all day. to upload pictures to a server in defined refresh times. It is not finished but good enough for a lot of things.


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