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There are some important online chat rules you must agree to first before proceeding. Chat Now **This website will not be held responsible for any injury, harm, or criminal charges to users who do not abide by the above rules.

Recent improvements to the latest v3.0.2 version of Yahoo! The Mac version of Yahoo Messenger has a reasonably large community of users since anyone @can potentially video-conference.

Yahoo also recently added the ability to chat with MSN folk @and @

For years, Microsoft MSN Messenger for Macintosh didn't supported video AT ALL.

The least capable Mac chat program; for text only and exchanging files, but had a huge userbase.


i Chat was preinstalled on every Mac giving it a large installed userbase.

Tweet, Like and " " us on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

Connect In Real-Time To Friends With Apple Messages, i Chat, Messenger, Skype, ISPQ Video Chat, Camfrog & More.

A fallout with Nano Comm led i CUii to rewrite its app from scratch for PC-only.

Nano Com morphed its code into ISPQ - and continues to provide a truly cross-platform videoconference app - for all of us.] Using Boot Camp, VM-Ware or Parallels: Mac users on Intel might try Windows PC options to give i CUii a looksee.

With Skype HD, high-quality video conferencing is supported on select Mac HD web camera models - so get and stay current for an optimal video call experience.


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