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And, then a few hours later - the scent grew stronger (instead of calming down). After a while it becomes more flowery and fruity, in some way remember me Mira-bai by Chopard.


For the money that you pay for it, it does not warrant the price tag.Those who have read Susan Cain's book "Quiet - The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Shouting" will immediately relate to this scent.Those for whom things must be spoken but not shouted, yet their message is equally strong.A quiet, but nevertheless complex and beautiful scent where the lemon and sweet pea, familiar Jean-Claude Ellena's favourites, play along with the gardenia, making it peppery and almost rocket salad-like.

A perfume which needs to be reapplied and re-experienced several times a day, to be heard and in fact listened to.After that, I started to like more and more from this brand, because they are mostly fresh, citrusy and a little crisp, without being suffocating or boring. However, they all seems to have some distinctive note, so I guess you don't need them all - so far I've tried Jour, Kelly Caleche, Voyage and all the Jardins, and it seems they have something citrusy that is very similar.


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