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She can go back to her husband when we’re done making love, right? The problem comes in when over time an attachment forms between the married woman and her ‘other man.’ Now she is growing used to the arrangement and has convinced herself that the triangle makes her disappointing marriage tolerable.If the ‘other man’ gets attached he will inevitably at some point start needing more from the married woman. My heart goes out to him more than any one else in this arrangement because he is usually the one who gets disturbed first and has more to lose.

He thinks that loving someone else’s woman will save him from this fear of intimacy. In my world that’s an opportunity for growth because triangles are no good for people.So let’s look at the type of triangle that has one woman and two men in it.


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    I know, it is sad, but you can make the difference for yourself.

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    We can only assume that with all of those transactions Allen’s making he needs to somehow keep track of what’s going on.

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    When I went through my pirate phase I put a lot of friendships on the line but I mercifully got over it before it was too late. During my brief survey, I found that to be true of everyone present.

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    By setting a location, you can localise event and venue searches to a specific point.

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