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– you can host your (tomcat) webapp on AWS beanstalk for free* – you get a free SSL cert from AWS – Problem: no HTTPS on elastic beanstalk URLs by default Why not Heroku? – Heroku is super nice when building directly from github, but if you need some custom modifications or have a custom build process, beanstalk is more flexible Needed steps for configuration: 1. Dev Ternity “Insights into Chatbot Development – Implementing Cross-Platform Chatbots” Video Slides – Wien 28.11. Dev Fest “Insights into Chatbot Development – Implementing Cross-Platform Chatbots” Video Slides – Brussels 1.11.


I'd say I like to watch people who do disagree with me.So how does Julia feel, knowing that from this anonymous base she was able to bring about such change? "I'd say I feel pretty influential and powerful — more so than I've ever felt before — because I've actually managed to influence something in the world that's outside of my immediate sphere." Milo Yiannopoulos no longer appears to be rising to stardom, but Julia doubts he's gone for good. Vienna JS Meetup “Simple Mobile Development With Iconic” Video Slides – Wien 13.4.


We Are Developers “Simple Mobile Development With Ionic” Video Slides – Bratislava 17.3.The app integrates with the Adidas Chameleon – the company's smart bracelet – to track activity and health.



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