Hidding having sex on facetime


At this point, you’ve already gone along with the whole “pretending that you’re not hooking up” thing.

So the question now is if you are actually OK with it not being a relationship or if you are going along with it in hopes it will turn into a relationship.

If you’re happy with everything as it is, then you have nothing to worry about – things will remain as they are unless he meets a girl that he wants to pursue for a relationship.

If you’re not happy with this arrangement, then you should figure out what his issue is in regards to keeping the “relationship” a secret and find out if it’s something he’s ready to change now.

Whether you’re keeping it a secret because you’re too young or because you parents won’t approve due to their values, hiding your relationship can be challenging.


I kind of doubt that he’s seeing other women since it’s likely one of his friends would have mentioned one of his other girls by now, especially if his friends don’t know that you have anything with each other.

So I don’t want to impart any value judgment on what kind of relationship you might want at this moment.

However, I will say that what you have now is what I call “back pocket” dating.

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Personally, I think people get too caught up on whether or not they’re in a full-fledged relationship.



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