How far is too far in christian dating

Peter had no idea that his attempts to comfort his beloved Master were being used of the Evil One to tempt the Holy Lord .Given the soothing, reassuring nature of lovemaking and the fact that it involves our dearest friend, it is hard to think of any other type of temptation in which we are so lulled into letting our guard down.Because of its key role in maintaining marital oneness, lovemaking is divinely designed to disarm ones reservations and aloofness and be almost drug-like in its amazing ability to soothe.


It was at that very moment that the enemy slipped in.

Originally I was part of a quite evangelical/conservative church – where couples didn’t even kiss until the wedding (based on their own convictions).

I’m pretty sure that, biblically, we shouldn’t sleep in the same bed – which we do, about twice a week – because of not giving the appearance of sinning.

What matters is what you do right now to protect yourself from those moments.


I began wondering how far back from intercourse one must begin the fight.Letting our defenses down is as smart as bedding down to sleep across a railway track.


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