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Radioactive Dating Methods I am Kevin Rogers and am the director of Reasonable Faith Adelaide.Last year we held a number of meetings on the young/old earth issue and gave YECs numerous opportunities to speak.He has equipment at the University of Adelaide and does the dating analysis himself.Thus he has the knowledge of an experienced practitioner and is not just an armchair theoretician.These 3 methods can be checked against each other, especially using the Concordia line/diagram.Jim Mason made no reference to the Concordia line and I could not find any reference to the Concordia line on any articles on the CMI website, even though it is well known (e.g. Jim raised the issue of Helium concentrations in Zircon.

Kevin Rogers submitted a comment to that article (reproduced below, edited to focus on substantive issues), to which Dr Jim Mason replies.If there is more than one metamorphic event, and for almost every situation there would be many, the intersection of the line with the Concordia is meaningless.” I note that in the Wikipedia article that you identify, in the 0.1–1 percent range” (my emphasis) for this technique, confirming the point I made in my article that the uncertainties quoted for radiometric ages (and indeed all other quantities) are a measure of precision (or repeatability) of the .


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