Humorous skits of christian dating

Either it's saccharine and not that funny, or it's hilarious but borderline or even blatantly offensive.Another favorite funny-bone tickler, also distributed via social media, is "Coffee With Jesus," a daily online comic strip and now book (Inter Varsity Press), written by David Wilkie.Here are two original skits that can be performed by seniors or for them. WINK: Thank you to the Wink Winkerman Orchestra, as always, for showing us that the sound of music and the sound of someone choking a frog can be almost identical. Since the first is a radio show, actors can use scripts and memorization is not required. Use a boom box or sound system to play appropriate music as required. Scene opens with each character standing or sitting behind a microphone. Characters: Wink Winkerman & Big Foot (can be male or female). I am Wink Winkerman and this is the Wink Winkerman Show. ANNOUNCER: Tune in next time when Jack Hammer says … JACK: Well, I keep wanting to laugh, but so far nothing has been funny. It features Jesus conversing with a recurring cast of characters, including: Each character, including Jesus, is depicted in '50s-era clip art, sipping a cup of joe.The comic is supposed to illustrate what conversations with Jesus -- or prayer -- look like.

The next-door neighbor's dog, reality TV shows, Metamucil, people who won't share cough drops.

Wilkie is an Orlando, Fla.-based advertising copywriter and all-around artist who creates, with his wife and via various media, under the banner of a company called "Radio Free Babylon." He also grew up Catholic.

The comic is irreverent yet insightful, attracting more than 40,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, including a variety of churches and congregations.

Quick: Name your favorite Catholic comedian or humorist. Unfortunately, good religious humor can be rare, though 's own Pat Marrin's "Francis, the comic strip" and my friend Jana Riess' Twible, in which she creates daily Onion-like tweets of Scripture, are exceptions.

Yet if Stephen Colbert (my favorite Catholic comedian) has demonstrated anything, it's that humor can be the best way to get across your message -- even a religious one.

He "absolutely" thinks the real Jesus had a sense of humor. "You don't have to look too far to find faith groups that have zero tolerance of comics about their founder," he says.


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