Incel dating

After that I called her on the phone, cried over the phone because of the humiliation, begged her not to treat me like that, begged her to allow me to have sex with her just once while she laughed.

Than I got really mad, insulted her and she hung up.


It's actually pretty clear why...because he is not a healthy, rational person.

So I'm hanging out on an anonymous forum, the purpose of which is to find weird things on the internet to point fingers at so we can laugh, and someone has dug up this turd-nugget.

For the Tumblr virgins out there, this is the blog of a 24-year-old man who identifies as "involuntarily celibate", or "incel" (although, as he currently has a "fuckbuddy" in his life, he's not technically celibate anymore) and serves as a chronicle of his rants and feelings about that.

After that, in a state of dissaray and extreme rage I posted one fucking picture of her face, without her name, not expecting her to contact me ever again.


But she called and offered sex to take it down and I caved in like a little desperate pussy I am, agreeing that she will come for one hour only and that there will be no kissing or oral. There's a lot of stuff I didn't quote -- like how he desperately wants to fuck women, but any woman who won't fuck him (the nerve of her! Also, it's the government's job to get him laid, god forbid he should work on that himself.But I am pretty much convinced that 10 men suffering 10 years of incel vs 10 brutally raped women will suffer more. [He insists that he did not blackmail a woman for sex, and then tells us a story that...


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