Index of double your dating

Far superior to the Stack's, New York 2011 International Sale, Lot 13 (also chipped!

Flan somewhat ragged (as usual), otherwise, nice VF Ref# V1199 SOLD For rarity see Heritage Auction 3037, Lot 29894.

Ref# V1198 SOLD This elusive issue celebrates Sybaris' short-lived alliance with Poseidonia. AR Sixth-Stater, last-quarter of the 5th Century B.

AR Sixth-Stater, last-quarter of the 5th Century B.

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The obverse of this issue probably represents the Siren Parthenope who was the local goddess of Neapolis. It was founded, according to Servius by Diomed, who went from Troy directly to Italy.

of Sikelia (= Sicily: a personification of the island) r., wearing laurel wreath.


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