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He’s sent over 15,000 messages to women on Facebook and online dating sites, and claims he’s cracked the “code” to what makes women take notice.

For him, the benefits of an online pickup are in its specificity.

Strauss's book focused on the "art" of real-life pickups.

Like, the kind of person who would go skydiving or ski down a mountain strapped to a pair of naked ninja turtles. A “pickup artist” is basically a guy who feeds you a line but supposedly it’s such a good line that you don’t notice.

Do you want to specifically attract an Asian woman?

There are keywords you can add to your profile that will make an Asian woman more likely to contact you, according to Kimba.

Or at least that’s what I was assured by every single PUA I talked to. Forum after forum dedicated to online pick-up acknowledges this fact, and there’s a certain underlying hysteria in this realization.

Online pick-up artistry has taken the original aims of IRL pick-up — to develop general tactics and techniques for attracting and bedding women— one step further. Now, instead of “peacocking” (wearing gaudy outfits to demonstrate Alpha status) in bars and using tired negs, we have them deconstructing every aspect of online persona and communication to create sleek, marketing packages of human beings to sell to one another.More and more dating sites, mostly notably OKcupid, are releasing data on their users’ different preferences and their correlations.Pore over this data and you can gain the upper hand in online communiqué.But the message of all their websites is pretty consistent, even if the sites' creators claim otherwise: There are rules and techniques and data to use to have sex with anyone you want to.

My conversations with three online pickup artists, who told me how they became experts in the game of attracting women online and how anyone (regardless of attractiveness, financial situation, and past romantic failures) can use Facebook and online dating sites to find “quality” women, were rife with terms like “value” and “negging.” The underlying message is that all men want, or implicitly deserve, “high-value” or “hot” women.

It should be straight to the point and just aimed at getting her to meet up with you.


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