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However, the mainstream television series that portray Black people in interracial relationships – with Black women in particular – appear to far outnumber programs depicting Black couples.

You might be able to find a few networks out there that update as frequently as Dogfart (there aren't many) but none of them are focused on interracial entertainment!

All of the Dogfart sites, including Interracial Blowbang are 100% safe and secure.

Lily Hernandez, 27, who is Mexican American, said while her family accepted her white boyfriend, they often get unwelcome stares from strangers.

The jarring climate of interracial dating in America is hard to ignore.We use a discreet billing name, forget about your significant other finding out and giving you shit.


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    At the outset of the series, 10 of The Game's celebrity friends will be tapped as matchmakers.

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    Others have threatened to post the footage to porn sites or You Tube.

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    She is the founder of the Institute for Romantic Research, and her column, “The Hollywood Dating Food Chain,” is published in Flaunt magazine. He has been an illustrator for Barneys New York, Tiffany & Co., and Vanity Fair, and is the creator of the delightful Mrs.

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    But in less than a minute someone with the handle “Monkey Fire” was chatting me up. Being a journalist on assignment, I did look for the fine print, which I suggest everyone one do when joining any membership site, but especially a hookup service.

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    According to the website, the Mind Alike community boasts “highly educated graduates who sit in prominent positions in society and the private sector”.

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    If you're a Christian, that's the biblical life you're called to.

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    Marketing minds from multiple online dating platforms, some old and some new, weigh in on how they plan to thrive with a fickle and ever-changing demographic.

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