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Every NBA front office has a few simple questions to answer each time they make the playoffs... And what should our playoff slogan, motto or battle cry be? Here’s the “definitive” rankings of playoff shirts/slogans... We’re going full Simmons by putting this ranking list in groups. Golden State Warriors — “Defend Our Ground” This is currently the NBA’s most high profile franchise.

Should we get shirts all in the same color or alternate sections?

Be vocal when you see inappropriate behavior, and above all let us know so that we can remedy the situation.

“Vile, intimidating” posters purportedly “spreading hate” against racial and LGBT communities have been found on lampposts in Camberley and Farnborough – including two discovered outside a school.

It’s like if President Trump’s next campaign hat were to just read “Donald Trump.” They even have a great slogan, “Thunder Up.” And we’re aware they changed their shirts for game 4, but they knew they were in the playoffs for long enough to get it right in game 3 and they didn’t. “It Takes Everything” comes a bit short of inspiring confidence in a team who can lose everything if they come up short. It’s not really a throwback to the Jordan era, which is smart because this team has no shot of equaling the accomplishments of those teams. Indiana Pacers — “One State” Not sure if you’ve taken note over the past few years, but Indiana has made national news for all the wrong reasons.



They go on about homosexuals and blacks being ‘oppressed’ and that’s why it is ok for them to show ‘pride,’ yet they say nothing about the oppressed children forced into same-sex households as ideological trophies for the militant homosexual agenda. They say nothing about the history of whites being enslaved by North Africans, they conveniently leave that uncomfortable bit of history out of their narrative on oppression.

This facade of ‘tolerance’ however doesn’t extend to white heterosexuals who are deemed as being “vile” if they state that they are proud of their race and sexual identity.


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    At a media meet after participating in chat show Dangal Dangal Baat Chali Hai with the whole cast of his mega blockbuster Dangal, Aamir was asked about the similarity and he said: “The film is not inspired from any other film.

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    The government was accused of "deftly manipulat(ing) Arab solidarity" to carry out policies of apartheid and ethnic cleansing.

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    Her name is Pristine and we notice she is the gullible type (our favorite)..reel her in by lying to her and saying we are the bus she paid for, hahahaa! It's Trinity Michaels' birthday and there's a party going on in her honor. Beautiful, full figured women have naughty needs, and if Billie's neighbor is anyt...

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    But, Calvin Harris drudged up the ongoing fight after his bad breakup with Taylor.

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    The next day, “Skip” followed through on the arrangements to meet after speaking with the undercover officer over the phone and via text messages.

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    SVOD is a subscription service for a recurring monthly fee.

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