Is kristen and rob pattison dating

Kanye West loves media scandals as much as anyone, so we weren't too surprised to hear about his new sex tape.Supposedly, this is Kanye West doing very dirty things to Kim Kardashian with his huge black cock.Supposedly, Zayn was caught getting a blowjob and got caught...we'll let you be the judge.


He's got a nice sized cock and apparently admitted to the photos the next day.

We've all heard by now that Channing Tatum was once a male stripper.

Now we know that he's also a voyeur and has had several nude pictures of himself taken over the years.

He's one of the biggest young male stars around right now and one of the last people we expected to see naked.

After his major role on 'The Hunger Games' his career has really taken off, maybe he's a lot more into himself now.He just turned eighteen earlier this year and is super sexy.


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    Twitter has taken the social media world by storm but, as anyone who's used it will know, it can be quite demanding.

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    The blocking of Daily Motion in early 2007 by Tunisian authorities was, according to the Open Net Initiative, due to Secure Computing wrongly categorizing Daily Motion as pornography for its Smart Filter filtering software.

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