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It was designed by Donoghue, Cusick & Edwards and built in 1949.It was added to the Queensland Heritage Register on .This information has been obtained by RP Data Pty Ltd trading as Core Logic and is subject to the following copyright: RP Data Pty Ltd trading as Core Logic Notice/Disclaimer © 2017 Copyright RP Data Pty Ltd trading as Core Logic (Core Logic), Local, State, and Commonwealth Governments. No reproduction, publication, adaption, modification, public communication, distribution or transmission of the copyrighted materials in this publication is permitted whether in whole or in part.The copyrighted materials in this publication are provided for personal or internal business purposes only unless otherwise agreed in writing.On the 22 July 1950, a housewarming party was given at "Casa Grande" by Mr & Mrs Kruttschnitt, who entertained their guests under a marquee on the lawns.Small groups of people were shown over the house; certainly the largest and most elaborate house to be built in the hot, dry western district of Queensland. In 1951 when badges were presented to employees of MIM who had served twenty years with the Company, a dinner was arranged for the 80 men and their wives by Mrs Kruttschnitt.


Initially, he was housed in a modest staff house overlooking Central Park and the Band Rotunda.

A suite at the house was redecorated and refurnished for Queen Elizabeth, who visited the town in 1970.

A dining room table, with the tabletop constructed from one piece of cedar was bought by the Company for the Queen's visit.

Work commenced on Casa Grande as a home for the then General Manager of Mount Isa Mines, Julius Kruttschnitt II, in 1949.

It was a "grand house", designed by the prominent Brisbane firm of Donoghue, Cusick and Edwards, but reflecting the influence of Kruschnitt's time spent in both Arizona and Mexico.The name given to the house, literally "big house", reflected the prosperity of Mount Isa Mines at that time and is a term commonly used in Arizona and New Mexico to describe the "boss's"house.


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