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They were a group of people who had no background in running a hotel, but a group of people with a dream.

And this is how they created and redefined the meaning of boutique accommodation.

This category features rooms with either a queen sized mattress, or two single sized mattress.

She has worked, published and presented nationally and internationally on trauma, couples, uniformed services, bereavement, relationship addiction, etc. Motherhood Talk Radio is co-hosted by Sandra Beck and Christy Holly, hosted by Toginet Radio and powered by Motherhood Incorporated.

We’re just a few minutes walk within all of the Uptown offices, which houses all sorts of firms, from MNCs to local boutique firms.

When it comes to food and leisure, you’ll be spoilt for choices!

The founders of Ryokan Chic Sleeps maintained the same notion, and took it a step further by giving it a top notch design to give you a chic sleeping experience.

Now this is what the perfect sleep away from home means.

Only in Ryokan, every single aspect, from lighting field angles to colour theme and chic art pieces are carefully designed and chosen especially for those who appreciate finer things in life.


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