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'It Should Be MANDATORY THAT EVERY COP WEARS A BODY CAM That Way No He Said She Said Bulls*** & LIES CAN HAPPEN (sic).'Family means a lot to the four-time Grammy winner, whose daughter Chase (with ex-husband Mack 10) is turning 17 next month and she adopted two-year-old son Chance last year.

The Dreams songstress will next appear on Tuesday's episode of Larry King Now! The A Sick Life author will next headline the sickle cell benefit concert T-Boz Unplugged this Wednesday at Hollywood hotspot Avalon alongside DJ Angie Vee, Frankie J., and Kamaiyah, Watkins is best known as one-third of the R&B/hip-hop girl group TLC, which sold over 65M records sold worldwide in their nineties heyday.

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And, the birds selectively targeted their gelatinous meals.

The penguins could be seen hunting carnivorous species, including different kinds of 'true' jellyfish (Cnidaria) and 'comb jellies' (Ctenophora), and opting not to pursue plant-eating gelata species known as salps, which get their energy from the light.

But, new footage collected by mini video recorders strapped to the backs of the flightless birds has now revealed that this is not the case.

According to the researchers, gelata accounted for more than 1 percent of the daily needs for Adélie, Magellanic, and yellow-eyed penguins, and up to 2 percent for little penguins.



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