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That ability helps explain Future's astounding output since October 2014, a creative run pretty much unmatched in quantity and quality by any contemporary in any genre: five mixtapes, two full-fledged solo albums, plus The influence of Future's ever-evolving sound – centered on his melodic gifts, spontaneous, mesmerizing flow and a digitally augmented baritone growl that sounds like he's gargling ones and zeros when the Auto-Tune is cranked up – is everywhere: Fetty Wap seems to have gotten his entire style from Future's 2012 hit "Turn on the Lights," while Brooklyn rapper Desiigner has been dominating radio with "Panda," a song so derivative in its lyrics, flow and production that Mike Will, for one, thought it was a Future track on first listen.(Future is reluctant to address this subject: "I never worried about anyone else ... I want to make this moment last as long as I can make it.I don't even want his name in the article," he says of Desiigner.) The actual Future pops up on standout tracks on both Drake's and Chance the Rapper's new albums (at one point, a Drake-free version of the It's been an insane streak, all in the wake of a life-shaking mid-2014 split from his former fiancee, R&B star Ciara, the mother of the youngest of his four children. "I want to keep doing what I'm doing and see how far I can go," he says. If I miss a day, I'm afraid I'll miss out on a smash record."Even up close, his songwriting method is hard to comprehend.




Another guy introduces himself as a childhood friend of Future's, before imbibing enough dirty Sprite to lapse into near-catatonia on the couch.

He considers himself a rock star, and he's dressed like one: pale jeans, strategically shredded, with a plaid shirt tied at his waist and a crisp white tee.



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