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So this is a gift for all of the amazing Yamachii fans out there! I think this will probably establish the fact that I absolutely lack the ability to write anything short. )PLEASE NOTE: this is MOST DEFINITELY rated NC-17 for language and explicit sexual content--ye be warned!Ah..wasn’t meant to be over 22,000 words but well... Every time he saw Yamada work his hips, rolling them in dance practice, Chinen shied away from the bright star that was Yamada Ryosuke.I hear he has two more movies coming out this year, so I can't wait to see him on screen again. Even though he's an idol, and often times idols are stereotyped to not being good at acting, he's one that can beat that stereotype. What it was not supposed to be was a complicated police case, a string of murders and missing persons and an inexperienced reporter lost in the middle of a forest/scene of the crime with just a Handycam. and every year i realized how you have grown in the industry. no matter how others view your personality, i will always understand that. PS i know how much you wanted to do Tantei Gakuen Q again and i hope your wish will be granted. and I just watched Grosshopper, you were totally different and I love it. Have you ever imagined a life spent in the same place for years, life as if made to be stagnant as lake water? You spent all your time locked away from the world because of the intense fear—so intense that could impair your every day functioning—that something might happen while you were out? Kiss him until he was breathless and feel Yamada’s body under his own.You might be thinking it sounded crazy or you might be wondering if it was even true or worse you might be thinking how exaggerated and overly dramatic it was. I believed it was a problem to some people that they wouldn’t believe anything until they could see it with their naked eyes, but there were a lot of things unseen in this world but were true. Yet there was a part of his brain that refused to let him reach out and live out his dreams.

For a second, when he closed his eyes, Yamada floated back to earth to bring the universe before Chinen’s eyes.namiya this september and fma LA this december...thank you for your hard work, yama. Been a fan of his since Tantei Gakuen Q era, kinda stop (not really stop, just preoccupied with other things, my last perf I saw was Perfume) then renewed my love because of Assassination Classroom. hope for new movies and dramas too Why isn't Okaasan, Ore wa Daijoubu listed? I was staring hard at Nagisa's face coz he looked really familiar and BAM! and when they're talking about yamashii, no word can describe the pain i'm bearing with.. everytime i can see his smile..feels like i can change my world for him...

every night, i look up the sky, wondering if he's ok.. I LOVE your dramas, singles, and you are so cool in all of ur pics... we, ur fans will always support u for ur success..... call me anything you whant.ive been chasing after ryosuke yamada my whole life.still 14 years old.i can feel the passion of love within me towards him.. i wish he will always take care -blushes- i hate being thought of as him fangirl... he doesn't even think of me the same way i do to him...

**a drabble/oneshot collection for Yamachii set during the 2016 Dear.



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