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My own Smart Things package arrived this morning...Very tactile Apple in packaging and presentation... Seems to me like Apple are screwed before they've even entered the game, but we'll have to see what rabbits Apple can pull out of the hat with their crap Home Kit framework...


beeps); bin full indicator on the display; no spare filter in the box; magnetic tape; running time 60 minutes (normal mode), charging time 160 minutes; power of 70 watts (normal mode); Li-ion 21.6V / 84Wh; Weight 4.8kg (source: ... Also, when it detects corner of the room it will clean 3x with 10%* increased suction power.*-more than Max, Normal and Silent.accoring to tech spec of VR20J9020UG power of the unit "80 Watt" (VR20H9050UW is "70 Watt"), but they say "10x more suction power" (20 Watt) is compared to to suction power of another leading brand robot.beeps); container full indicator on the display; spare filter; magnetic tape; running time 30 minutes (turbo mode), 60 minutes (normal mode) 90 minutes (silent mode), charging time 240 minutes; power 250 watts (turbo mode); accu Li-ion 21.6V / 97.2Wh; Weight 4.9kg (source: ... 00743C.pdf)*-the most powerful robotic vacuum as for 3/2016, 200x greater suction power According to this: Vi ...


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    Alle anderen Lokalausgaben sind unter Umständen nur teilweise abrufbar.

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