Self confidence dating women four dating rules you must know


And you, on the other hand would feel stifled and confused.

And even if you voice an opinion, it may just anger or annoy your partner because they don’t think you’re worthy of being heard.

Or do you think you’d hurt their feelings if you don’t do something for them? But in reality, when you take a stand for what you truly believe is right, as taken aback as your partner may be at first, they’ll take you more seriously and respect your opinions more.

One thing most people with low self esteem and self respect do is constantly compare themselves to lesser mortals.

We’ve all heard this line before, that love needs understanding and compromise to be successful. But love works best only when both partners understand each other and compromise for each other.


After all, when there’s no mutual respect in love, there’s no mutual love anymore.#3 You’re not taken seriously by the people that matter to you.


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