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Most replies here seem to be that its boring, well, anytown can be boring, it's what you make of it.

We came from Brisbane and people say it's boring..................these people need to get out and live a little! The term 'newlyweds and nearly deads' is very more like Redcliffe, not HB.

So be prepared for many bugs lurking around but aside from that, it should be all good. as others have said the fishing and outdoors aspect is good there.

Cooktown LMAO that is not even considered remote in any sense of the word. In tourist season the pool areas, access ways may get a little noisy so just suggest you find out the exact locale of the apartment. Can't speak highly enough of my family experiences at HBH. Only drawback are the foul mouth drunks and drugos clogging up emergency on Friday / Saturday nights.

Fortunately I've gotten the fishing bug, and there is plenty of fishing to do in the area.

There is a fair few cultural things on around the place (seafood festivals, etc).

Plenty of different sport clubs, gyms and outdoor clubs (ever tried Outrigging/ canoeing?

) as well as a young person's professional association that I know many of the young members.Hey everyone, I am originally from Perth and have lived here for 23 of my 25 years. I know the town has a population of 60,000 and is a popular tourist destination. Questions are: Can anyone who lives there give me a run down of how things flow there and what there is to do. I went to Fraser Island many years back and it was quite nice. It is like others have said a high unemployment area and a high population of retiree's.


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