Sex dating in appleton wisconsin

Recidivism studies show only a 7% re-offense rate over 15 years after completing Reach’s treatment program, making it one of the most successful in Wisconsin.

Program referrals come through the Department of Corrections, prosecutors and judges. Reach provides Connections for Family Safety, a 24-week educational/therapy group for women to understand sex offender’s psyche, including thought processes and behaviors.

Adolescents are high risk for becoming sexual violence victims.

The adolescent therapy group helps teens explore feelings and beliefs around their sexual victimization and trauma in a safe environment.

Reach offers up to three crisis sessions at no charge to reduce negative responses and increase coping skills.

Individual Therapy utilizes best practices in trauma treatment to aid healing and recovery.

Survivors of sexual violence need support in coping with the aftermath of an assault.

Reach advocates help individuals understand the effects of sexual assault, create safety plans and develop stronger coping skills toward healing.


This 10-week children’s therapy group focuses on expressive therapies (such as play and art therapies), stories and sharing to help children work through the trauma of their abuse.

Native Americans silently experience sexual assault at three times the rate of any other U. Tribal collaborations, support groups and educational services are provided throughout the Fox Valley.

The Hispanic/Latino population is the fastest growing group in the Fox Valley.

The effects of trauma and abuse are at the core of many public health issues we face in the Fox Valley.

Reach helps local communities by providing professional trainings and educational events for corporate partners, healthcare providers, schools and service organizations. Indigenous Connections offers outreach, advocacy and support to Native American victims of sexual and domestic violence and their families.These therapies are designed to treat the impact of trauma on the whole person.


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