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When it was officially opened to settlement by the U. government in 1854 with the Kansas–Nebraska Act, abolitionist Free-Staters from New England and pro-slavery settlers from neighboring Missouri rushed to the territory to determine whether Kansas would become a free state or a slave state.Thus, the area was a hotbed of violence and chaos in its early days as these forces collided, and was known as Bleeding Kansas.The abolitionists prevailed, and on January 29, 1861, Kansas entered the Union as a free state.After the Civil War, the population of Kansas grew rapidly when waves of immigrants turned the prairie into farmland. Sam Brownback didn't deny rumors on Thursday that he could to be nominated by President Donald Trump as the next ambassador for international religious freedom and wouldn't say whether he plans to complete his term as governor.Reports and rumors have circulated for the past few months indicating that Brownback, a Republican and former U. senator, is in talks for some kind of job within the Trump administration even though his second term as governor doesn't end until January 2019.Directly presaging the American Civil War, these forces collided, entering into skirmishes that earned the territory the name of Bleeding Kansas.


Tribes in the eastern part of the state generally lived in villages along the river valleys.

On Thursday, Brownback chose not to address the rumors of him possibly leaving the governor's mansion for a job in the Trump administration.


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