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But now the Diocese of Portsmouth admitted the church put other children at risk by leaving Knight in post between 19 – when he was arrested.A former bishop continues to deny a cover-up but the church admitted a former Archdeacon of Portsmouth was told by Knight about ‘inappropriate behaviour’.Firstly, it is hard to be clear about the details of exactly what happened 30 years ago.Secondly, people’s attitudes to disclosures of sexual abuse have rightly been transformed over the past 30 years.Clearly, this was not the correct response, especially by today’s standards.We apologise unreservedly that the reaction of the Church in 1985 was not more robust, and that these actions may have put others at risk.‘There’s no time limit – providing the offender’s still alive we can do something about it.’She added: ‘Hopefully the three counts he has been found guilty of go some way towards the victim’s healing.’In court, Knight could not remember if he abused the boy as he abused several.Summing up evidence, Judge Ian Pearson said Knight had said: ‘I had to give an undertaking to control my behaviour’.



The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told jurors: ‘I remember the first time it happened I lay in bed crying.’Detective Constable Amanda Waite said: ‘It’s affected his whole life, from how he deals with day-to-day events, relationships.‘It’s shaped the person he is today having had something happen to him in his vulnerable years.‘Knight was in a position of trust and a lot of the community at the time respected him – he took his position and used it to his own ends.‘If there’s anyone else that has been a victim of sexual abuse by him or anyone else, then it’s something that we take seriously.‘It’s the most revolting type of crime.

Our prayers are with the survivor of this abuse, who has had to live with this knowledge for more than 30 years.


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