Sex free no skype

Sara, 24, has her own rule to avoid pervy impropriety: she makes her boyfriend sit a metre away from the computer with his hands behind his back while she puts on a show.

Despite the risks, however, most girls who’ve tried it agree that video-chat sex is too hot to pass up. “I’m so glad my boyfriend and I explored Skype sex,” Kristen says.

“Thank God the screen wasn’t facing the door or she would’ve seen my boyfriend jacking off, but I still screamed and flailed around when I heard her.” Another danger: screen grabs falling into the wrong hands.

It’s best to reassure your girl that you won’t save any footage from your virtual adventures.

“Oftentimes Skype sex can give women confidence to try things they might feel shy about doing in front of their partner without a ‘trial’ run,” says Kimberly Dawn Neumann, relationship expert and co-author of Sex Comes First.

“Frequently the result is that once she’s tried something with the buffer of the internet, she’s more open to exploration away from the computer as well.” Kristen, for example, says that all her experimentation with her video-chat fling actually had her spicing things up with her boyfriend soon enough.

And all kinds of applications have sprung up over the past few years, including Skype, Apple’s Face Time, Google’s video chat, and Tango for Android, to make it extremely easy.

The women I know are using these services for hot purposes and I spoke with dozens of ladies who’ve embraced video-chat sex as a regular way to spice up their relationships and push themselves out of their sexual comfort zones.


Generation Sext It’s no surprise that it seems to be Millennials, the generation who grew up asking each other to the formal on IM, who are most comfortable experimenting with video-chat sex.That is, unless you’re using i P4Play, a smartphone and tablet app launched in August 2010 that makes video-chat sex with paid models available anytime for a few bucks per minute.According to i P4Play model Miko Sinz, 26, a petite Korean-Irish stunner, many users are couples who treat the experience as a kind of threesome.Sharon, a 23-year-old travel writer, likes to get her boyfriend to tilt his Webcam below the belt for her.


“I love watching him get hard, and he likes that he can see my eyes light up when it’s happening,” she says.

Jackie, 35, who lives in Adelaide but whose fiancé is in Brisbane, was reluctant to bare all over the internet.


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