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Many years they were not so lucky and the sons and eldest daughters would have to seek other menial jobs. Magnificent is the only appropriate description for her hairless pussy.I paid an inordinate amount of attention to Francisca. It looked so prominent on her slim, small body, her vulva curving so seductively down, a prominent sexy mound between her legs.Windows were open squares with no glass, just curtains hanging limp in the still heat. I know." "So come back later, when she's a woman," he suggested waving the beer bottle in the air. I had to admit the release of all the tension that had built up felt very good. I wondered if there was any wiggle room in my promise to Carlos. A look of concentration appeared on her pretty face, hair damp tendrils pressed to her small body. She discovered through feel and observation she could anticipate my climax. Francisca screamed in delight when I opened up my Fountain Lightning all the way on the return trip, creeping up on 110 mph, the boat crashing down hard over the swells, Francisca bouncing in her seat. When I turned, all I saw was a ten-year-old girl disappearing up the path, running like mad.The sound of our engines died away, Carlos' ancient truck ticking over as if refusing to die. On-and-off I spent four days with the Jaramillo family taking photographs, with a bias for Francisca. However, while I appreciated the temporary relief and the sexy display Francisca had provided, I was slightly confused. She stroked my soapy erection not knowing what her actions were doing and I came rather forcibly, ejecting rope after rope of cum into her hair, her amazed face, her upper lip, her chin and eventually her chest. "It gets bigger Alejandro," she stated proudly, squeezing my aching shaft. " "Alejandro, I love you, you love me, we get married. When we arrived home in the dark, dock lights guiding me, she didn't even care her new dress was soaking wet. In the shower she looked at me inquiringly when I deftly dodged her reaching hands, warm water spraying down on us.I followed Carlos and the boys out into the fields to photograph them manually hoeing with their donkey, and watched them plant in the rich dark soil. First was her dusky dark areolae crinkled up nicely with tiny little bumps. The third was her nipples; well her nipples grew amazingly, not just becoming hard but engorging and thickening. I paid an inordinate amount of attention to these discoveries before caressing Francisca's tummy and finally her pudendum.This area of Colombia was lush, green and quite productive. Instead of a chaste washing, I carefully caressed her.


" She squealed in laughter when I showed her after dinner, the fountain of water spraying up. " she asked with curiosity and a smile, peering at it. " Francisca had been awed at the plane ride, never having been on one before. Each little action touched me deeply and made me more certain than ever that she the one for me. But that first purchase I coaxed and begged her into opened up a shopping monster. Things changed after about eleven months, just after her ninth birthday. I had a full up erection before I could say Halleluiah. The result could have been traumatic for a nine-year-old. "Alejandro," she said breathlessly, "you live down there? She'd snuggle close on the couch and pull my arm around her for comfort when we'd watch a movie or television. At first she wouldn't try anything on, refusing to spend my money. " After three exhausting hours, she'd have a new T-shirt. Damn, it was crazy, and I loved every minute with her. We all saw each other." "Do you know why it's like that, Chica? There was no way I could let her touch it, being on a hair trigger so to speak. " He probably thought so since he was holding 7.2 million Colombian Pesos. I knew I'd be bringing Francisca back to visit her family and I didn't want her hurt in any way. She'd squeak and run if I saw her in her undies, giggling as she ran. Yet her pure, unadulterated enthusiasm was addictive. Clothes shopping with Francisca proved beyond a doubt that there was a shopping gene unique to females. " I grabbed her wrists as she made to wash my proud peter.

Please, it's our custom." It wasn't and it was only about 4,000 US Dollars. My real motivation was to make sure they could feed and clothe themselves. She grinned and gulped with bits of the macaroni slipping down her chin and a milk moustache as she finished her second glass of milk. I also felt an ache in my chest, that uncontrollable, overwhelming feeling of love. Francisca was intensely attractive to me despite her age. She'd sleep with me every night but I hadn't put a hand on her inappropriately. I'd never tried so many bad foods, even though I was a single male.

She was small and slim, straight sides with no curves visible under her multi-coloured, flower print T-shirt and dusty flared jeans with small embroidered flowers over the pockets. Dark eyebrows, thick and perfectly natural, curved on her brow over deep brown eyes that glinted in the sunlight, framed by thick, long lashes. His other children, three boys aged twelve, thirteen, and sixteen, and four girls aged ten, eleven, fifteen, and seventeen seemed to do all the work around the house. The toilet was a shed-like outhouse in the back yard. It just happened." "Pero Alejandro, she's only seven." Carlos didn't look angry, just confused. Perhaps I was naive because I'd always assumed by eight or nine-year-old kids knew everything there was to know about sex. Because of that she showed no embarrassment, no giggling, shyness or blushing. " "Yes, that's about it Chica." "And people who are not married do it too? And one memorable morning she accidently discovered what semen tasted like. Shit I was in love with her, not just for her actions though, but because of her, her calm openness, her innocent enjoyment of something so adult. While I very much wanted to reciprocate I had held back, only chastely washing her privates in the shower which in itself was a thrill. I could just imagine her telling daddy all about how I touched her. When I mentioned that our showering together might not be information for her dad to know, she smiled. Kneeling, I moved her out of the direct spray and smiled as I lathered her petite body up. It was time to reciprocate for the pure joy she'd brought me.


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