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Hi all, I found a unpublished tool for transcriptome de novo assembly: SOAPdenovo-trans I haven't found anything about it's performance in comparison with e.g. Locust insect: Velvet/O Cufflinks SOAPTrans in particular can assembly better, quicker, with less memory use than the other two.

Hi, there is also Avidemux which some people loves very much and some dont. You can use various filters, remux to another container, cut unwanted parts if you reencoded video etc.

Bernix My Hauppauge record OTA stuff as file Win TV8 streaming is so buggy using the browser!

I am interested in the low and highly expressed genes in my transcriptome.

Cheers, Philipp This is an old thread but still relevant as there is much mis-information about this.

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But there has been to changes in the output directory.For highly expressed genes, that are long and somewhat repetetive (eg.


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